Sunday, January 23, 2011

My New Youtube Channel!

I started a Youtube channel! I'm really excited about this addition to my social media addiction! I think I have mentioned before my love of makeup. It started when I was a really little girl with a Fisher Price dressing table. I am pretty sure I had a lighted makeup mirror by the age of 8. I just never thought about doing videos about makeup to enhance my blog and satisfy my craving for beauty products! It might be a dangerous thing considering it gives me an even better reason to buy makeup. My new channel also gives me a reason to experiment and try new techniques with my existing collection.

I love feedback- I definitely would love to know what my friends are doing with their makeup and what you guys like/want to see in a makeup video. It would be incredible if I could get some suggestions on favorite products for me to try as well.

I know my blog doesn't have one particular niche. I love it that way because I love a lot of different things and I love to share all the different things I love. I won't be doing only beauty. My posts will still be about a wide range of topics. So please stop by!


1 comment:

  1. Love the makeup how tos. I found this blog last week and became obsessed with it....

    and I like this one too


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