Monday, January 24, 2011

Enamel Coated Cast Iron Cookware!

I HAVE ARRIVED! I finally got my first enamel coated cast iron Cookware from JCP! I got a dutch oven and I absolutely LOVE it! Baking in it is absolutely fabulous! I made some Rosemary Chicken (recipe to come) in it in the oven and oh my goodness it was to die for! As far as stove top cooking, it is a different story! Having an electric rather than gas stove can prove to be a little difficult when trying to increase or decrease heat in a timely fashion but in this particular cookware it is even harder! The cast iron holds the heat so well that if you start to burn something and turn down the heat, the heat stays with the pan for quite a while. Yes, I know from experience. I burned the cheese sauce that I was going to make homemade mac-n-cheese. It was still good but form the texture I could tell that it was on the burnt side. My guy told me it was delicious (maybe not his exact words) and had a second helping- just another reason why I love him!  It is a whole different feel from my Rachael Ray skillets and pans (which I love). This will be perfect for tomato sauces and soups and everything of that nature. I just have to remember to adjust my heat according to what I'm using. I'm definitely recommending it! Happy cooking!

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