Sunday, August 1, 2010

Show Me Your Teeth!

It's my 100th post and I can hardly believe it! I have been busy/preoccupied lately with some big transitions in my small little corner of the world. I would say I don't know where to begin but I would be lying. Let's begin with the experience that is The Monster Ball! On July 20th I went to see "Mother Monster" AKA Lady Gaga! *Insert tween girl squeal* It was an incredible two hour set full of theatrics, dancing, music, and some intimate conversation. There were 20,000 people screaming for her but as soon as she began to speak the entire arena went silent. I think the most impressive part was a costume change into a moving dress. That's right, it moved. Check out the video after the jump of the "living dress".

As you can see, it was quite the show. I was just as impressed with the fans' costumes as I was with Lady Gaga's. There are some very bold and inventive people out there. My friend and I joked that we will never be shocked by anything again because we saw it all at The Monster Ball. From pop can rollers to the famous hair bows, young to old, and elaborate costumes with huge shoulder pads to simply a tiny pair of spandex shorts, we certainly saw it all! Oh and of course the wonderful protesters outside the arena screaming "God hates you" and comparing The Lady to Hitler and various serial killers among other things.

Needless to say I had a wonderful time and I'll end this with a video of the song "You and I" from her upcoming album.

The song begins at the 2:35 minute mark. Also, this video explains the title of this post if you aren't familiar.


  1. I wanted to go to this concert so badly. Was it everything you thought it'd be?


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