Sunday, August 15, 2010

Necessary Knowledge

I work in medical billing. I have for almost 3 years. It didn't take me long or pick up on how insurance works and the incredibly confusing things they pull to not administer your benefits when you have a doctor or specialist visit. The more I learned the more I dealt with patients who had no idea how their insurance worked. In trying to explain how things really work they would get increasingly hostile with me out of frustration. Common insurance companies like United HealthCare, Blue Cross NC, Aetna etc. all work about the same. They each have their little sayings that sound different but mean the same thing. It takes the patient understanding their policy to keep an eye on the insurance company. I've seen a lot of patients who just assume that because you were referred to a certain provider that it meant they were in their network and that their insurance would cover their visits and follow ups. This isn't always the case. As someone who sees the confusion everyday I encourage everyone to understand your policy and call customer service with any questions you have, it's your responsibility and right. Having the knowledge of how a patient's individual policy works can save a lot of money and confusion. Having insurance is necessary and can be a great tool as long as you have the correct knowledge. Just a little tidbit I had leftover from my work week. :) Happy Sunday!!

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