Sunday, August 15, 2010

I Love Dirt

As summer comes to an end and students go back to school, I think of my summers as a kid. Mostly my last couple of summers I had at home before I graduated from high school. I lived in the country and shuffled between two houses, both in small rural towns in North East Oklahoma. I'm sure some would be surprised to know that my favorite summer activity was riding dirt bikes. My dirt bike was as old as I was, an '86 model Honda XR 200. It had faded red fenders and gas tank with a faded royal blue seat. It got me where I needed to go and that was usually to Grandpa's pasture where my brothers and I had worn paths all around the land. Most of the paths were made by dirt bikers like us a generation before, my uncles. It was hot as Oklahoma usually gets and we had to wear pants to protect our legs from the mud, manure, and the occasional thorn bush. I was so free out there on my bike. I can't say I could feel the breeze in my hair because I had a very nice and insulated helmet surrounding my head and face. I can say though that there are no speed limits in a field and no right or wrong direction to go in. We had to watch out for the occasional cow or quail here and there but that was really the only rules to the field. We raced, jumped, and did tricks on our bikes until our hearts were content. Along with my dirt bike and my little brother's dirt bike we had an ATV and a golf cart, yes a golf cart. Although the golf cart didn't have much speed it was so much fun. Since then my dirt bike's engine locked up and I don't think it was worth saving. I sure miss those days when it was accomplishment to be covered in the most dirt and mud possible!

This is what my bike looked like. It had tons of stickers on it too!

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