Friday, May 21, 2010

Hail Damage in OKC

Just one example of OKC hail damage.

In case you haven't heard OKC got hit with yet another sever storm last Sunday (May 16, 2010). Hail the size of softballs and baseball pounded Oklahomans and their belongings. I was driving through a really nice neighborhood here just yesterday and it's a sea of roofing company signs! All week I've seen drivers with busted windshields and tow trucks are out in full force. My neighbor's car is completely beat up. Their back windshield is shattered, the front windshield might as well be, and there are countless dents. I don't think you can categorize them as hail dings, they are dents!

Read more for pics and a vids.

Baseball size hail seen at

Luckily, I was at the Yard Dawgz game (our local arena football team) during the storm and was parked in an underground parking garage. I only have to have liability insurance on my vehicle but after this storm I am thinking I need to get an auto insurance quote for full coverage. I can't imagine having to come out of my pocket to rebuild my vehicle!

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